My Books

My Books

I’ve written a few ebooks, both independently and for Sea Lion Press. Here they are.


The Dead Generals Chronicles

My first ebook. More a way of getting used to the system than anything else.

Todd’s Super Racket Adventure

Me getting the goofy, stupid ideas in my brain out on the page. I had the idea of a guy with an indestructible tennis racket and it just sort of happened.

Volunteer Force Threat Brief

Me paying tribute to OPFOR manuals. Seriously.

Paint the Force Red

A sort of “how-to” for making fictional countries and their armed forces.

The Sure Bet King

My first full-length novel, this is a decades-long “pop epic” about a sports betting “advisor”.

Cage Ring Mat

A collection of short stories about boxing and mixed martial arts.

The Lair of Filth

A sequel to the Sure Bet King, and more of a thriller.

Sea Lion Press

The Smithtown Unit

My alternate history homage to “men’s adventure” fiction.

Box Press

The sequel to The Smithtown Unit, paying particular homage to md-1970s “men’s adventure”.

The Savannah War Dispute

An entry in the “Alternate Australias” anthology for Sea Lion Press, talking about a fictional conflict in East Africa that Australia participated in.