My Books

My Books

I’ve written a few ebooks, both independently and for Sea Lion Press. Here they are.

All Union Series

All Union

The first entry in the series.


The Dead Generals Chronicles

My first ebook. More a way of getting used to the system than anything else.

Todd’s Super Racket Adventure

Me getting the goofy, stupid ideas in my brain out on the page. I had the idea of a guy with an indestructible tennis racket and it just sort of happened.

Volunteer Force Threat Brief

Me paying tribute to OPFOR manuals. Seriously.

Paint the Force Red

A sort of “how-to” for making fictional countries and their armed forces.

The Sure Bet King

My first full-length novel, this is a decades-long “pop epic” about a sports betting “advisor”.

Cage Ring Mat

A collection of short stories about boxing and mixed martial arts.

The Lair of Filth

A sequel to the Sure Bet King, and more of a thriller.

Sea Lion Press

The Smithtown Unit

My alternate history homage to “men’s adventure” fiction.

Box Press

The sequel to The Smithtown Unit, paying particular homage to md-1970s “men’s adventure”.

The Savannah War Dispute

An entry in the “Alternate Australias” anthology for Sea Lion Press, talking about a fictional conflict in East Africa that Australia participated in.