Erika Wishes You A Happy Pride Month

To celebrate the beginning of Pride Month, here’s Erika from Pokemon, made in Stable Diffusion. The implications of which way she goes are nothing but a massive coincidence (I don’t think mid-1990s Japanese developers were even aware of the implications, and don’t know how solidified the rainbow symbol was). But still: All-female gym, and she gives the Rainbow badge.

I’ll just say that I haven’t been the only one to make that headcanon connection. Happy Pride Month!

Ly Rachany Brought To Life

One of the most beautiful things about AI art generators is that it’s given me the change to take characters that I could see in my mind and bring them to life. With this in mind, I was especially delighted to create one of the main characters in The Sure Bet King. Behold Ly Rachany, CEO of Parilor, and lover of bunkers and security systems.

AI Undertale Portraits

Some Stable Diffusion pseudo-photographs of the Undertale main humans. Chara is the black and white one with the single stripe, Frisk the color one with the two stripes. (The black and white one is partially because I made it in inspiration from a fanfic where Chara fell in 1926, so I chose one that fit the time period.)

Amin Hayatov Official Portrait

One of the things I like about AI art is the ability to translate my words and mental images into pictures. This is a recent Stable Diffusion “portrait” of Amin Hayatov, president of the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics in All Union’s present. The original picture had facial hair and something in his pocket that was inpainted out, and the Sovereign Union flag lapel pin was added in externally and then smoothed out through mild AI runs.

Sovereign Union flag for comparison

A Soviet Romanian War Photo

Had too much fun making this “recon aircraft photo” of wrecked armored vehicles in a field in Stable Diffusion. I actually found it was easier to just make the field and then inpaint in the wrecks. And if it’s a high altitude, somewhat blurry photo, that makes the imprecision regarding tanks and the like less important.

A common sight in September 1998 and after. Soviet air supremacy led to fields full of destroyed and abandoned Romanian vehicles throughout the country.