A Tag Change

For my 150th post on Fuldapocalypse, I’ve decided to make a few announcements. First, I made the tag cloud bigger again (It kind of needed to be). Second, I decided to break away from one of the most-used tags.

The “Infantry” category is perhaps the most awkward one on Fuldapocalypse. I first used it for a technothriller that did include infantry. Then it expanded to not only include special forces and sci-fi infantry, but also vigilantes and secret agents. The result was that, even though infantry “grunt fiction” isn’t exactly one of my favorite subgenres, “infantry” became one of the biggest and most used tags in Fuldapocalypse.

So while I’m not trying to edit existing posts, I’ve decided to specialize rather than generalize for “infantry”. So on the occasions that I do review ordinary infantry, I can keep the normal tag. Otherwise, stuff like “Secret agent” or “Special Forces” or “Vigilante” can work.

There’s obviously going to be tricky choices, but I think I can handle those on a case by case basis.


One thought on “A Tag Change

  1. I don’t know, sounds like you might be letting yourself in for a world of hurt. Changing ones blog is like asymetrical warfare. It isn’t pretty for one of the sides! 😉

    Nah, that is good. Just expanding your tag cloud will help with random google searches. I get 2-3 search engine hits a day now. Doesn’t sound like much but over a month it really adds up and pumps up the view numbers so I feel important 😀 😀 😀


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