Weird Wargaming: From The Periphery to the Centfront

The force deployments of the Cold War Central Front have been one of the most obsessively studied and analyzed of all time. Yet some surprising curveballs can still emerge. One of them I recently found was unadopted suggestions to move either Turkish or Italian forces to permanent bases in West Germany. The Turkish force I heard was two divisions. The Italian one was undefined.

The biggest (purely military and not political) risk I felt was that a significant portion of these nation’s heavy formations (the only viable ones for a conventional Fuldapocalypse) would have to be moved. Thus they would need to be either reequiped with cheaper and less capable superpower surplus, beefed up expensively, or have fewer mechanized units on their own territory.

As for where to put them, there were a few options. One was the obvious use of them to shore up the always vital and always vulnerable NORTHAG. Another was to put them in Southern Germany and/or other areas with good defensible terrain (such as the Harz Mountains) to free up Bundeswehr troops to go elsewhere.

However they were equipped and wherever they went, having these alternate deployments seems like it would make for an interesting wargame scenario.

2 thoughts on “Weird Wargaming: From The Periphery to the Centfront

  1. iainfuller69

    I reckon the Italians could be in Bavaria, maybe in Divisional strength. The Spanish mobile Corp deployed there also might be ‘fun’ too, obviously a tad far fetched but I believe they were slated for deployment to Italy so not too much of a stretch in an emergency?


  2. I’m not sure it this presents a viable option, at least in early days. But fun to game.

    First into the breach would be the French, and I think that the musings on Italians or others would be a contingency in the case that France did not commit to NATOs military force.

    With the developments in the Balkans starting in the late 1980s, I think be Italians became (rightly) focused on potential threats from there. The Turkish option would be a long shot at the best of times considering the threat to Western Thrace.

    The Spanish Mobile corps would be an interesting option but more suited to SOUTHAG I think


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