Airfield Construction

Notional airfield construction times from the 1987 Staff Officer’s Handbook

Although obviously outside the scope of this simple spherical cow chart, I do wonder when the point would come when more engineer battalions would pass the point of diminishing returns. Nine women can’t make a baby in a month, after all.

A Heavy OPFOR army/corps has an organic engineer brigade with heavy equipment that would presumably halve the time required. Fronts will also include at least one engineer brigade. The construction of airfields and other base areas is a stated mission of those high-level assets. (If only the Russians had spent 2021 building and refurbishing better depots right on the borders instead of just piling up the rusty AFVs…)

One thought on “Airfield Construction

  1. I almost wonder if airfield construction is all that critical anymore. The world is covered in airfields, unlike WW2 era fighting; so a combination of airfield repair, rapid deployment (Ready Raptors etc), USMC’s Expeditionary Airfield concept and a proliferation of tankers almost makes building new airstrips redundant.


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