The Survivalist’s Legacy

I really think the review of the first Survivalist book, Total War, was the moment that Fuldapocalypse really broke out of the cage I’d originally put it in. I’d already been tiptoeing away from the specific “198X conventional World War III” books, but even then had just pushed mostly to other “big war thrillers”.

This was something where I acknowledged in the review that my entire paradigm wasn’t made for something like this. It wasn’t immediate, but it put me on the path to first changing and then eliminating the formal categories altogether. It also made me review (and read) a lot of “Men’s Adventure” books, a subgenre that I intend to write a lot more about.

Oh, and for whatever weird reason, I binge-read the entire series. I’m still strangely impressed by that.


2 thoughts on “The Survivalist’s Legacy

  1. This is great, and a logical progression from the very specific sub-genre you started with. I never read the Survivalist series, so interesting to hear your take on them. I always see them in the book stores, but seldom the last few in the series, which have a decent resale value.

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    1. In hindsight, it was a matter of outright necessity. I know I’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating again. there simply aren’t enough Conventional WW3 books for me to sustain the blog at the pace I’ve been keeping, and even widening it to just “big war thrillers” would probably just push the exhaustion date a little ahead.

      And of course, I’d have gotten burned out long beforehand. Diversifying this blog was the best thing that could happen to it.

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