Review: Deception


Zach James’ Deception is a debut thriller by a debut author. While it has some roughness around the edges and is a little clunky plot-wise in terms of jumping around between times and places, it does enough right to make me forgive it. I’ll even forgive the description of “Hudson Bay” as being close to New York and not close to northern Canada.

Hopefully the announced and obviously set up sequel will improve the writing fundamentals. But this is still a good action read and a good enough cheap thriller. Welcome to the community of thriller writers, Zach James!

One thought on “Review: Deception

  1. Zach James

    Don’t know how this has slipped by my radar for so long, as I’ve only just come across your site and reviews. Glad that you enjoyed Deception despite my stumbles as a new writers. I hope that you also enjoyed Wetwork, and be on the lookout for book 3, All In, coming May 1, 2023!!
    -Zach James


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